Nick Cronin

Nick is our latest member, we are really excited to welcome him aboard. Our hope is he will do a video montage for our reality TV audition.

Much of my practice revolves around themes of technology and the isolation that this age of connectivity brings us. In a world where we can access almost anyone or anything imaginable all from a device in our pockets, why does this leave us feeling more disconnected than ever?

My work seeks to capture that desire to reconnect on a human level in an era dominated by the Internet and social media, and a longing for the human touch in a time of the touch screen.

Recently I have been manipulating the metaphor of the digital world as a sprawling city we all inhabit. As proximity does not necessarily equate to intimacy, I look to capture this grouped isolation and the struggle for a meaningful connection through the rudimental interfaces we are still bound to.

-Nick Cronin, 2017