Margaret Preston

Margaret is a member of our ever growing collective SPAM, her interests and skills are as extensive as her musical repertoire, don’t be alarmed if you see her blowing a glass flute and playing Moonlight Sonata in the next instant.

Composing making images, and film although a late addition to her repertoire has become important as it allows her to follow all of her passions. In a practice that focuses on impulse, chance, and the transformative moment,
Margaret’s curiosity similarly demands a broad ranging mode of enquiry: philosophy, politics, communication and who knows what next!

In 2016 she was awarded an RSA John Kinross to Study in Florence which enabled her to further explore her interest in Encounter in a warmer place with more mosquitoes! Currently enjoying Florence, her blood flows through this historic city!

As a musician she loves ensemble with both its harmony and dissonance! It follows that she is very excited to be a founder member of SPAM where she looks forward to many harmonic progressions in the future. Aaah! Fortuna!

-Margaret Preston, 2016

Photo Credit to Fiona Stephen and Margaret Preston