Henning Stedtnitz

Henning is our latest SPAM member, don’t be alarmed if you see him documenting your every step. It’s not stalking, it’s archiving.

I am interested in places and in people, and in the interactions that take place between them. Stemming from my enthusiasm for architecture, I have a fascination with the idea and the reality of a constructed space, and the way it shapes those who inhabit and move through it—and vice versa. I look mainly for the traces of this dialogue, be they in the form of deliberate markings or inconsiderate littering, but I am also interested in the discourse on the aesthetic qualities of planned and designed spaces, regardless of scale.

My photography is mainly of a documentary nature, but I make no pretensions to objectivity—quite the contrary. In the way that I observe and interact with the world, using the camera to pick and choose aspects of my environment to record in a specific way, my art has a distinctly personal quality—despite the impersonal and oftentimes slightly alien subjects I choose to depict. The art I make is at once an effort to archive and to organise, to try to make sense of my surroundings and express my sentiments about them in a way that words cannot.

-Henning Stedtnitz, 2016

Photos courtesy of Henning Stedtnitz (2016)