Sean Wheelan

Sean Wheelan is a founding member of SPAM. A fun fact about Mr Wheelan, he is the designer of our oh-so stunning logo…

For the past year I have explored what it is to be an individual in an ever shrinking world where originality is becoming increasingly endangered. To what lengths could I endeavour to increase my notoriety in the world of art in which imagery and conceptuality is King?

The role of the artist is explored in how they are depicted in the public eye by accentuating the absurdity whether it was through the clothes we wear, the words we use or even the works we make. Of course it would seem cruel to group all artists together with the preposition we but this is a reaction to the perception of artists to those armed with stones glaring at the contextually appropriate glass house.

Using humour I look to glorify my works, practice and actions to the point of absurd fantasy in which I intend to fast track my own sordid delusions in a supposed post-truth landscape.

-Sean Wheelan, 2017

Photo Credit to Fiona Stephen