Rebecca Grant

Rebecca Grant, one of the founding members of SPAM. She counts the days, but doesn’t own a calendar.

I have always had an interest in the negative space, always drawing inspiration from artists such as Rachel Whiteread, Christine Borland, and Fred Sandback. I have been building a practice based on this idea, in hopes that I can better understand our mortality. By looking at “negative space” I am able to create work that best reflects what I am most interested in. My mum passed away in 2011, since then my work has always reflected that loss. By creating work that is fuelled by my past emotions, but still left fairly anonymous, audiences can then apply their own experiences into the work.

My work currently looks at life in it’s most basic measurement: days. I have been gathering individuals birth and death dates, then calculating how long in total they lived for. This is an attempt to illustrate just how much we all live and experience. I myself am 24 years of age, but I am also 8878 days old. That doesn’t sound too shabby to me.

-Rebecca Grant, 2016

Photo Credit to Fiona Stephen