Harmony Jane Bury

Harmony Jane Bury, one of the founding members of SPAM. She can currently be found as one of the resident artists at Gray’s School of Art, good luck finding her as she is a busy bee.

Predominately, I work with photography, capturing the ephemeral and exploring human’s dependency on nature, to highlight it’s fragility, and it’s importance for our survival, despite our growing distancing from it. I am also interested in the ways in which humans try to control nature, to own it. Usually my work manifests itself as photographic prints, but occasionally I make small sculptures, moving images and installations.

I’m currently working with materials such as bee’s wings, butterflies, beetles and feathers to make compositions, all of which have been ethically sourced. I have found that pattern and decoration is an excellent way to catch a person’s gaze and as someone who likes to work in a very controlled manner, it lends itself to the nature of organisation. Through the process of making patterns with objects that embody freedom, transformation, pollination, biodiversity and life in general, I hope to make something that is more than just an aesthetic experience, but to highlight our reliance on nature and emphasise the control and dominion that humans enforce over other species.

I am inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, Herman De Vries, and Wolfgang Laib, because of the impermanence of some their nature based work. The photographs they take of their creations then becomes the work, despite them not identifying as being photographers. Also, I am passionate about the way they work as they are very in tune with nature and their process of working is generally very focused and controlled. They inspire me to appreciate nature and to not lose sight of what is important, which makes me want to strive to do the same in my own practice.

-Harmony Jane Bury, 2016


Photo Credit to Harmony Jane Bury