Hannah Halliday

Hannah Halliday, a member of SPAM Collective. We are hoping she will knit us all matching SPAM jumpers for Christmas.

I choose to knit everyday out of habit, routine and addiction. Through my own experience with working with mental health, I recognise the power and potential of craft. I chose to use this medium for expression of myself as well as for others. Knitting is a very common activity, and whoever has known someone to do so, are familiar with it. I use knitting as a socially engaging tool to discuss matters in society as well as in the realm of contemporary art. In the work I try to create relatable characters which everyone can enjoy. I take inspiration from the typical stereotypes and alter them. There is an ironic humour about depicting phrases that are perceived as rude, and integrating into a piece of knitting, generally seen as innocent and quaint. I feel the need to challenge why knitting is seen as twee and as to why it is restricted for women over the age of sixty.

-Hannah Halliday, 2016


Photo Credit to Fiona Stephen