Devin Evans

Devin Evans is one of the founding members of SPAM, and the brainchild of our name: SPAM.

In a society heavily influenced by media; we are very susceptible to hold irrational priorities that it advertises, both on a small and large scale. As the anxiety of everyday life drains many, I am interested in combining this with more serious global issues that have the potential to affect others and us on a far more severe level. While we lather on the make-up to look good and ‘cure’ our body image worries, others take drastic measures just to survive. My conscience says; as privileged individuals, we need to always try and have an awareness of what is more important. At present I am working between mediums, with extra focus on the currently very fashionable tattoo procedure that I carry out on a daily basis. I aim to promote ethical thought in relation to our priorities throughout my work.

-Devin Evans, 2016.

Photo Credit to Devin Evans