Claire Burnett

Claire Burnett, one of the founding members of the SPAM Collective. She occasionally can be found outdoors, it will make sense if you read on.

My practice is photography based and I use it as a means of observing and honouring nature.
The majority of my photographs are of naturally found forms: plants, light reflecting water, shadow pattern. Anything wild that catches my eye, especially the small details. Also working with installation, I have combined several disciplines to create my own ideal worlds, utopias. I have a keen interest in environmental issues and believe that art can be a means of gently spreading a message. Therefore, I also bring aspects of humankind into my work. The comparison and contrast between man-made and wild landscapes. Working with humanity in mind, poetically exploring our relationship with the environment. Our attempted control over nature, and the durability that it shows in return.

-Claire Burnett, 2016


Photo Credit to Claire Burnett