Ane Smith

Ane Smith is a founding member of SPAM, she is currently a Graduate in Residence at Gray’s School of Art. She doesn’t do mornings, or late nights, or life. Kidding.

I am terrified of the dark. This is the primary focus of my creative practice.

Human fear has induced the emergence and the formation of the folkloric phenomena. I have previously investigated the fear of mental illness portrayed within folklore, and if this fear was still culturally felt within our society today. I have been exploring this within my creative practice through my own experiences of being described as a ‘Changeling’ in European folklore due to episodes of severe depression.

I work instinctively and my practice is emotionally driven. My previous themes have been investigations into the emergence and formation of fear within the folkloric phenomena and its place within my life and in turn our modern society. I investigate the theme of oral tradition through sound, performance, printmaking and installation.

My investigation into human behavior and folklore are both broad categories which are mutually related and interlace to allow me to reflect upon its influence and why we find fear so tantalizing and the nuances within human behavior which birthed folktales and make us, for example, afraid of the dark.

-Ane Smith, 2016


Photo Credit to Fiona Stephen and Ane Smith