Guest Artist – John Morrison

The 14 members of Spam become 15 for our show ‘Artless’ at Hatch, as we welcome guest artist John Morrison.

John Morrison is a painting graduate from Gray’s School of Art. He has exhibited works in London at exhibitions such as Braveart and at Northcote Gallery in Chelsea, as well as having works at mixed exhibitions in Aberdeen. He is currently Marketing & Communications Manager at Peacock Visual Arts.

His work draws influenced from his urban environment and his fascination with typography. Living previously in Glasgow, then moving back to Aberdeen to study at Gray’s, he began using photography to gather images of the post-industrial city, of typography and decaying patterns, posters and forgotten abandoned text.

His influences come from a range of styles, such as Rodchenko, Rauschenberg, abstract expressionism and typography designers such as Neville Brody. His new work presents a new suite of paintings that realise his studies from around the city of Aberdeen.

Rather than focus on the clean and modern city, he is more interested in the forgotten underbelly and run-down areas, where he finds most of the typography and decaying patterns he uses in his paintings. The urban decay represents a pattern of life that affects everything in life, nature has a hold on everything and that is where he finds the most random beauty – a collaboration between man and nature, so in one respect nature plays a big part in his art.

His work is a revolt of the idea that modern has to be new and clean – removing the old, and that no matter how hard we try, there is a beginning, middle and end to everything. The typography then becomes devoid of meaning, lost in time somewhere and forgotten.

He often uses wax in his paints and the raw canvas as a colour, along with wooden frames to give new life to the image and materials, giving a natural authenticity to the finished work.

‘Artless’ opening night 18th May 6-9pm.  19-21st May 11-4pm.

Hatch, The Academy, Belmont Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom


‘Untitled’, John Morrison.


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