I have now got all the bits for making my Peace piece. Exciting packages have been appearing on the farm over the last week! Hopefully a lttle more Art time in the next couple of weeks will stop it remaining in pieces! As a teaser, it is text based, iconic, includes rifle cartridges and perspex and no doubt a lot of blood sweat and tears over the next few days! I was going to do a lantern, but a chance conversation with a new contact set me off on Text. It’s been six years since I used words in Art!

The only thing I’ve drawn so far is half the “pelmet” of the icon. I’ll upload it later! This will be simplified no doubt as I haven’t ever used a scroll saw!

My next task over the week is to bore out lots of cartridges so I can fit the wee LED’s I bought..I’ll then experiment with exactly how the LED’s will work best. .I’ve never done anything so fiddly! Maybe I should get Harmony Bury on the job!

My Florentine visit continues to inspire – I saw so much, I’m sure it will pop into everything I do!



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